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Fabulous French 19th Century Antique Bronze Model Bust Of Louis Xiv

Fabulous French 19th Century Antique Bronze Model Bust Of Louis Xiv For Sale

Louis Began His Personal Rule Of France In 1661, After The Death Of His Chief Minister, The Cardinal Mazarin.4an Adherent Of The Concept Of The Divine Right Of Kings, Louis Continued His Predecessors' Work Of Creating A Centralised State Governed From The Capital. He Sought To Eliminate The Remnants Of Feudalism Persisting In Parts Of France By Compelling Many Members Of The Nobility To Inhabit His Lavish Palace Of Versailles, He Succeeded In Pacifying The Aristocracy, Many Members Of Which Had Participated In The Fronde During His Minority. By These Means He Became One Of The Most Powerful French Monarchs And Consolidated A System Of Absolute Monarchy In France That Endured Until The French Revolution. Louis Also Enforced Uniformity Of Religion Under The Gallican Catholic Church. His R.
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Table Clock Ormolu 19th Century

Table Clock Ormolu 19th Century For Sale

The Detail Of The Sword Refers To The War. The Best Examples Of Bronze Table Clocks Were Made In France During The 19th Century, Or So It Was Considered. The Resulting Clocks Were Much Appreciated, Being Destined To Decorate Interiors Of Palaces And Outstanding Residences.
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